Katie Thompson

Hi, I am Katie the heart which began ‘Be That’. Like so many, I have found myself on a journey to ‘Be That’. I am certainly familiar with the internal battle of knowing the woman, wife, mother, leader, friend I desire to be. I am learning first hand the intentional choices I have to make, to stop dreaming about being her to actually becoming her.

So often it feels easier to stay bound in circumstances, allow the pressures of life to keep me focussed on past experiences that have caused me pain or perhaps in turn caused pain to others. However, I have positioned myself to champion this cause of freedom and to help others live out who they are created to be.

Be it through the television show, our YouVersion devotionals or the amazing resource boxes, each is thoughtfully designed to bring Individuals to a place that can help identify areas that can be holding us back. Be That gives the practical tools and strategies on how to make changes and step into a new found freedom.

I believe that when we find the courage to start a healthy conversation and to bring our struggles to the light, this is where we strengthen our connections with others and begin to see real change in our lives.

At the end of it all, I hope to remember that freedom starts with us. When we find it, it means that we can fight for the freedom of others and change we want to see in the world.

Much Love,

Katie x